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These days managing your data is key to a successful business. So much so that a whole industry has been built around BI (Business Intelligence), which put simply, is just getting useful business information from your data. The first step is having a solid data quality plan that helps you collect and maintain your valuable data. But what is the benefit in having all that great data if you can’t get the reports you want from it? Many companies only have access to a limited number of reports that were built for them at some point in time which now only partially meets there business requirements. Your business is changing all the time so shouldn’t your reports be changing as well?

That’s where IRM (Intechrity Report Master) comes in. IRM gives you the flexibility to build your own reports and in only minutes you can have a new report built and distributed. Now you have full access to your critical business data and can shape your reporting in the way that best suits your staff or customers.

Data Mining and BI has often been focussed on the large organisations with millions of data entries across multiple databases. Packages to solve these problems cost many thousands of dollars and are out of the reach of the small business. IRM has been developed to put the power of BI Reporting and data mining into the hands of the small to medium business. Here are some of the things it can do for you.

Create any number of personal reports
Make any report a company wide report so every one has access to it.
Select fields in any order from your data model to display on the report
Group your data with up to 3 levels of grouping.
Add counting and summing to your reports per field and group level
Sort your data per field
Add your own custom expressions. These can contain MS Access formulae and using any number of columns from the model.
Add user filters to allow filtering of the data to only the key information you want to see
Have multiple user filters to select from for the one report (criteria)
Produce batch reports where many reports can be strung together and run automatically at a user defined time.
Output your report to Access, Excel, PDF, FTP and email
IRM will follow the access permissions asigned to the underlying data model so you cn restrict access to sensitve data.
Can retrieve data from MS SQL (SQL Reporting) , Oracle, MySQL, Ms Access and virtually any datasource that you can access using the OLE DB provider.
And more

IRM is ideal for the business with 1 or two staff as it is for the business with 250 staff and has been used in both cases.  See below for some screen shots capturing some of the main features.

The following series of brief training modules are provided free to our Report Master users as an introduction to its simplicity, power and to highlight options for daily use. Please click to view each in turn…

IRM overview
Viewing a report
Modifying a report filter
Adding report criteria
Creating a new report
Using report constants
The power of expressions
IRM administration

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