Search Engine Optimisation

How hard is your website working for you? Do you want more leads, more phone calls just plane more business from your website then you need Search Engine Optimisation. The more people who find you the more business you get right. And even better if the people who find your site are the people who are looking to purchase your service.

This is where Intechrity can help you. Intechrity has a history of building great web sites for businesses in Albury Wodonga and beyond and part of our service is to help you rank well in the search engines.

We have tools to help you select key words that are related to your products and services, but not just any key words. We can tell you what level of traffic is going to that key word and how much competition there is for it. We can suggest some niche key words / phrases that you may not have thought of and get your ratings well in that niche.

SEO is more than just key words however. You need to think about your site structure and the links coming into it. Actually it can all get rather complex. Once again this is why we are here. You have a business to run and dont have time for such complexity and us, well SEO is part of our business. Get in touch and let's get your web site working hard for you.

Note: If you do wish to investigate tackling your own SEO you should find the following tips and tools helpful:

  1. If you are working with WordPress you will find the Socrates theme to be an excellent SEO choice.  Please Click Here! for more information.
  2. Likewise, if you work with a number of WordPress sites, this product will provide an excellent management platform.  Please Click Here! for more information.