Windows Custom Line of Business Solutions

Intechrity has been serving the business community over many years with custom built line of business software applications. As a result of this we have found that there are some common needs. As we all know it is always cheaper to get off the shelf generic software but it often doesn’t match well with your business requirements. How about if you could get access to software that has already been specifically built for your type of business. Well we have a couple of products that may be just what you need.

Windows Solutions


Kassidee is the right choice for organisations providing disability, aged care and home care services. It has been specifically developed in partnership with two major providers in the Albury Wodonga area to meet their business requirements. It has then had extra functionality added to allow you to tailor it to your business language and processes. For more information see the Kassidee web site.


ROSCO is a resource management application that allows you to manage anything from people, to mobile phones to facilities. You can set up your own resources and define any number of fields for each of these resources. You can then have any number of cash books per resource to help you manage the financial affairs. ROSCO also comes with a powerful scheduling tool that can assist you in building programs and scheduling resources for activities.


IRM (Intechrity Report Master) is essentially a Business Intelligence report generation tool but at a price that small business can afford. Once you have all your business data recorded now you need to get the best out of it to support you in your crucial business decisions and simply help you run the every day activities of you r business. IRM gives you the power to build your own custom reports when ever you have the need without having to come back to Intechrity to do it for you. For more information go to our Report Tool page.

Web Solutions

Contact Us / Online Registration Module

As well as developing custom DNN modules to support unique business needs we also provide a flexible Contact Us / Online Registration form builder. This DNN module may be displayed on any page(s) on your website. With it you may build a form of your own design with up to 200 fields. A wide range of field types is available including label, text, check box, email and html. You designate your field names and specify which ones are mandatory. You may even include drop down lists and validate email addresses. Of course your forms may also be secured against spammers using the built-in CAPTCHA feature. Your visitors simply fill out the required fields and click the Submit button. A neatly formatted email response will be sent to your selected email account. And a copy can sent to your visitor too if you wish. Easy to use and quick to implement, this form builder is an essential tool for any DNN website.

FTP Module

Do your visitors upload files to your site? Do you need closer control over the file and security? Then our Single File FTP module is want you want. The module is easy for your visitors to use. They simply locate a file on their local computer using the built in file dialog and click the Upload button. And configuration is straight forward. You specify the destination folder and file name. The destination may be a folder on your DNN website or any external ftp location so this tool is great for managing file sharing across many different locations. This DNN module is quick to setup and easy to use. It delivers fine control for your special file sharing situations.