Custom App Development

Custom App Development

Intechrity’s Albury Wodonga based team of software engineers are specialists in custom App development or software development that will streamline the way your business works. If you want your business apps to be an exact fit for your business activities now, and to easily adapt as your business grows, custom software is what you need.

Why Choose Custom Apps

When looking for solutions to your business needs you will often come across generic software/apps that looks like it will do the job. Often, however, you will find that the generic apps will impose limitations on your business processes. It will have been written to support specific processes and have a limit to what data it can manage for you. In the end you can spend a lot of time changing your business processes to fall in line with the generic software. When choosing a custom software solution you will be able to specify exactly what business process you want the software to follow, what data you want it to record and what reporting you require. You will end up with software that directly supports your business requirements and grows as your business grows. Saving you time to do the real work of your business.

What We Do For you

One of our software engineers will sit down with you, analyze your business processes and requirements, listen to your ideas and plans and we will then come up with a design for a software application/app that will meet your needs. At this point we can give you a good estimate of the overall cost and timeframe required to build your custom app/software. We us an approach to building custom software known as Agile Software Development. This means we will release and install your software in stages giving you the quickest possible development time and the best opportunity to fine tune the software as we develop it. Usually it will only take a couple of weeks before you can start using the first stage release and all its important features.

What We Can Produce

Our broad range of experience and skills include the following:

Database Solutions

We have decades of experience in database design and architecture. Your database is the foundation of your software system and its design and management shouldn't be left to novices. We specialize in Microsoft SQL Server database design. We also have experience with Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and a number of other database platforms. We recommend MS SQL Server databases as they consistently deliver business class performance, reliability and security. You want your custom software solution to perform well and to do so no matter if you have 10 or 10,000 users. MS SQL Server is our first choice, from the Enterprise version through to the Express (free) version, your database needs are covered. Your data is only as good as the information, knowledge and decisions it inspires. So we also custom build effective and intuitive user interfaces (screens used to operate your software solution) for all our projects. We can build Windows forms for use in your local network, internet pages which are excellent when your offices are distributed in a number of different locations. We also build mobile apps for use by remote and roving users. We use a carefully selected group of rapid application development (RAD) packages to deliver cost effective and easily maintained user interfaces. The include Microsoft LightSwitch, Microsoft Access, Iron Speed Designer, Microsoft Visual Studio and DotNetNuke.

Flexible Reporting Solutions

A database, with good design and data integrity, also requires good tools to mine and analyse the wealth of information it contains. And the data is nothing if it can't be easily transformed into knowledge and used to inform and guide sound decision making. Our data warehouse and data mining solutions use Microsoft Reporting Services and Business Intelligence services. And we also have a simple yet effective flexible reporting tool that enables you to specify your own reports. We can help you really understand you data and we can ensure you have the tools you need to transform your data to suit your own needs, analyses, searches and output requirements.

Web Based Applications

Some times you will have the need to allow both remote access and remote updating of your data. Web based applications can deliver this functionality in a secure and reliable way. We can build web forms for you that allow secure access to your data.

Customization of Microsoft Packages

Microsoft has a range of powerful and comprehensive off the shelf software tools to help you manage your business. For example, products such as Microsoft Office and in particular Microsoft Access share well deserved prominence in business installations. Intechrity has extensive experience in customising these to suit your needs. By doing so we can help you get the most from your Microsoft investment.