DotNetNuke Module Development

Dot Net Nuke opens a huge range of opportunities for web developers today, particularly with DotNetNuke module development.  The secure and reliable platform forms the base of so much more than just an old static website.  The system is perfect for content management, social networking, database applications, forums, blogs, sales and marketing sites, event management and the list goes on!

Similarly, our clients love DotNetNuke as it enables them to custom build and maintain professional web sites quickly and easily. Many of our customers are able to literally build their own web site with only a little help from us. The in built features are extensive and well resolved and commercially, thousands more DNN modules and skins are available for just a few dollars to ensure your site does what you need and does it well.

If you need to provide a special service, process or system that has a unique or unusual format or function then we at Intechrity can find a third party module for you or even build a custom DNN module to suit your needs.  You'll quickly achieve the web application you need - one that is an exact match for your business requirements and gives you the edge.

Intechrity can for example:

  • Provide and host a full DNN site with custom features
  • Build advanced ASP.NET integrated modules with custom features for your site
  • Interact with custom data structures
  • Build workflow/document based applications
  • Integrate and operate with mail systems and file servers
  • Link and Interoperate with external/internal system processes

With DNN and Intechrity, you can achieve all your web management tasks easily and with finesse.  And yes, we work with Word Press and Joomla too, so talk to Intechrity today!